Multi-sensorial Puzzle Game

MatchLink is a multi-sensorial game for use by occupational therapists and caregivers to engage seniors (with and without dementia), young children and people with disabilities to provide cognitive, multi-sensory and motor stimulation.


The objectives include incorporating sensory, visual, memory, precision, co-ordination, orientational and creative skills to stimulate cognitive processing and motor skills, through tactile and visual means.

It also makes it easy for caregivers to keep track of players' improvement and the skills they are able to use.

Many other sensory games in the market focus on the tactile or olfactory aspects without incorporating the various skills which can further cognitively stimulate people with dementia.

The game was designed and tailored for users' needs through an ethnographic study in Ng Teng Fong Hospital to observe, learn and gain in-depth insight to the activities and tools used by the occupational therapist.

MatchLink allows clients - caregivers, occupational therapists, volunteers, children and youth to engage people with dementia. The game has many potential users ranging from people with dementia, nerve problems, children with autism and many others. This fun activity can help users grow, engage and promote their cognitive and social skills.

Volunteers and occupational therapists who have used this in the hospital setting find it to be a good tool to engage and stimulate users. It has also won several competitive and well-recognised national and international awards. Papers and research on MatchLink has also been presented and published on international platforms.

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